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About Ben Dover

Greetings and welcome to my own very special new HardWear range of Ben Dover merchandise. I think you will agree I’ve catered for both you Wannabee Porno Studs and the Ben Dover Babes. There’s even some naughty stuff that you can use together.

"designers from Paris, Milan, New York and Peckham"

I’ve hired some of the most eminent designers from Paris, Milan, New York and Peckham to construct a range which simply oozes class, sophistication, elegance and chic, whilst still not losing the provocative edge that you have come to adore.

So whether your looking for the perfect birthday, anniversary, Valentines or Diwali present for your bird (or someone else’s), fella, mum, dad, uncle, auntie, grandparents, mates or yourself then look no further.

Don’t forget every purchase gives the opportunity to win some very special Ben Dover stuff, see the competition page for details.

Ben Dover