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Ben Dover SwingalongaBen 5 Saturday 28th November 2015

The Private Club, Wainwright Street, Aston, Birmingham. B6 5TJ.

Ben is hosting a very special and intimate evening for broad minded adults (over 18's) at one of the countries most renowned swingers venues The Private Club Aston..

Private Club Party girls and Ben Dover Babes will be available throughout the night to keep everyone smiling.

In addition Ben will be filming the gorgeous Tullalah Tease for his hot new film as well as entertaining us with his standup routine that was so successful at the Edinburgh Festival.

Don't worry if your camera shy, you can just watch and not be shown.For those of you that fancy yourself a bit more in front of the camera, you never know Ben may choose you to be his assistant.

The Private Club has a sauna, several more intimate play areas and a couple of larger more group orientated areas. .

Prices : Single Men £70 (Members) Single Men £90 (Non Members), Mixed Sex couples £25 and Single Females £0

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