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Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice

As the longest established stag and hen weekend company, Ben Dover has spent many years organizing trips.. So we're used to hearing the stories of what unexpected things can happen, then making our customers aware of them for the future. We therefore know a few things that are worth bearing in mind to ensure that the party goes exactly to plan. Below is a list of tips and advice to help you make sure it does.

1. Plan and book the weekend early to ensure nothing goes wrong.

2. Talk it over with the groom or bride if you are unsure

3. Don't be held back waiting too long for people to confirm

4. Be aware that it is near impossible to choose the activities everyone in a stag or hen group wants to do - be prepared to make the decisions yourself for the sake of an early booking

5. Work out a rough budget and get payment off your friends early

6. Beware of substandard and unreliable operators. We have great relationships with trusted hand picked suppliers.

7. Use an experienced stag or hen agent to reduce stress and ensure you go to the best locations

8. Be conscious of the fact that you are a big stag or hen group, and plan accordingly.

9. You could have pre-prepared themes and pranks to make the weekend stand out. Leaving the groom in his room with just a tight red dress and travel documents at the end of the trip is a classic!

10. Remember, if the weekend is a hit, your reputation is made!

Following on...

Don't let a few individuals who cannot commit slow the booking process up too much. It is much easier to add people on to a big group nearer the time than it is to make a late booking for a big group. Big groups can be hard for hotels and activity locations to accommodate; so booking early is definitely the safe option. And were talking months early, not weeks. We can get you the best prices but find it more difficult if the best locations are booked up. It also gives people the chance to book time off work and ensures that they don't make other plans for that weekend.

It is always tempting to make the whole event a big surprise for the groom, but bear in mind that the groom might prefer to be consulted on such an important occasion, and also doing so means that you can share the decision-making. You can always organise other surprises for him on the weekend.

Agreeing between two or three of you a budget that everyone is able to manage ensures that no one feels uncomfortable and helps to get people to commit early. Booking with Ben Dover will get you the best locations at the best prices but you have to choose which packages are best for your group so your available budget gets you the most fun possible.

Getting people to pay up early has its obvious benefits and organising a spending money kitty means that there is no confusion over who bought the last massive round etc! And don't forget to photocopy passports and write down the address of where you're staying so as to avoid disasters with customs and tired taxi drivers!

Check the dress code of where you are headed. In general too smart rather than too casual prevents disaster scenarios. If you are ordering a stripper or heading out in fancy dress to a location check with the landlord that it's ok beforehand. As a big group let waiters or bar staff know that you have arrived as sometimes you will get table service instead of having to wait at the bar. And in the case of stags, approach clubs in groups of 2/3, some clubs will try and turn away big lad only groups.

The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself so its best to know as much about the place you are travelling to.

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